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It’s Here, Accenture World Match Play Championship (Finals)

And then there were four: Robert Rock, Zach Johnson, Nicolas Colsaerts, and Ian James Poulter.

Robert Rock v Zach Johnson: I really like both players and expect both to win and place top ten in a bunch of tournaments this year.  I also think that both players will be participants in the Ryder Cup this season (Yes, Rock will be there.  I called it at the close of last season).  The Rock finally comes to a rolling end, but not for lack of trying.  Pick: Zach Johnson

Nicolas Colsaerts v Ian James Poulter: Rematch anyone?  Titanic battle from the Volvo Semi Finals, that will have a similar end.  Pick: IJP

Final: Zach Johnson v Ian James Poulter: I’ve been a fan of Ian Poulter for a good many years.  I feel now more than ever that we’re on the doorstep of the levy breaking and Poulter winning in bunches.  Simply put, he’s one of the best match play gamers of our generation, and this will be a launching point for great things to come this season.  This battle will be epic, it will go at least 19 holes, and Zach Johnson won’t come away feeling like he didn’t give it his best shot.  I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for Zach Johnson’s game.  Just won’t be his to win this time.  Winner: Ian James Poulter

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